Kings of Hell

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Kings of Hell product.jpg

Kings of Hell


PRE-ORDER (Expected delivery Dec 2019)

Goetia: Kings of Hell  is a 40+ page illustrated art book that depicts the demon Kings and Princes found within the Ars Goetia.  Accompanying demon is the original translations by Mathers & Crowley, offering descriptions, magic seals, and warnings when encountering each infernal spirit.

This is Volume 1 of 4 books of an ongoing series of illustrations of the 72 demons of the Ars Goetia. The 16 Kings and Princes included in this book are:

Bael, King of the Unseen

Paimon, King of Subjugation

Beleth, King of Desire

Purson, King of Sights

Asmoday, King of Demons

Vine, King of Wrath

Bala, King of Truths

Zagan, King of Transmutation

Belial, King of Law

Prince Vassago, the Finder

Sitri, Prince of Lust

Ipos, Prince of Arrogance

Gaap, Prince of Travel

Stolas, Prince of Stars

Prince Orobas, the Mediator

Prince Seir, the Collector

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